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How much Benefits of amla juice during pregnancy –

Amla Consumption Is Beneficial For Pregnant Women.Amla is a fruit that is used not only for food but also for medicine. It has many advantages. Amla has the highest vitamin C. Apart from this there are many other qualities that help the body maintain health. This is another specialty of the fruit.

During pregnancy, it consumes great benefits from women and it keeps them away from many problems.Here you will talk about what benefits of Amla are for pregnant women and when and how much it needs to eat. Here is the some important benefits of amla juice during pregnancy

1.Beneficial for inflammation – During pregnancy, swelling of the body of women goes. The most inflammation comes in the legs. This problem also eliminates the daily consumption of gooseberry.

2.Nutrition – The consumption of amla causes nutrition to the pregnant woman. Actually, Amla contains many nutrients such as Vitamin C, Fiber, Iron and Anti Oxidant. These elements run the body in the right way.

3.Maintains the flow of oxygen – It is important to have the oxygen flow properly in the pregnant body and to reach the child easily. Using the gooseberry, the oxygen flow in the body is properly done.

4.Keeps the stomach OK – Many times in pregnancy, the woman begins to have stomach problems such as vomiting diarrhea and constipation. It has a bad effect on both mother and child. But Amla’s consumption keeps pregnant away from the problem of stomach.

5.Mood keeps right – Problems like tiredness and irritability in pregnancy are very high. By eating Amla, the body remains energetic and the mood remains fine.

6.When should I eat Amla
Amla consumption is beneficial for anyone. If talking should be used in pregnancy, then there is no time required for this too. Although it is believed that the amla should be consumed by women for the second month of pregnancy. Because the amla consumption does not only reach the child but also the child.

                    Benefits of drinking amla juice                 

Amla is very helpful. In Aryuvad, Amla is used in a variety of medicines. Amla is a medicinal drug that is very beneficial for the body. Amla is also eaten and it is also used as medicine. This fruit is sour in taste.It is also used in the treatment of many diseases. Let us know what are the diseases that are treated by it.

Use in various diseases

7. Children’s Strike, Potato: Cook raw, cooked green amla and eat it many times.

8. Treatment of hair disease: Soak the amla powder in water and keep it in the night. Washing the hair daily with this water will strengthen their roots, their beauty will increase. Mixing henna in hair they become black.

9. Burning of urine: Mix two teaspoons of honey in half cup of gooseberry juice and drink the urine burning sensation.

10. Voice-sitting: If the voice is sitting by eating raw and eating, then the raw gooseberry gets cured.

11. Hemorrhoids (nose bleed): Strain the gooseberry juice in the nose. Eat fresh mangoes regularly. Mix sugar candy in the morning and evening.

12.If hemorrhoids: Take a spoon of amla powder, take one spoon of 3 times with a cup of whey.

13. For semen: Take two spoons of gooseberry juice in one spoonful ghee and take it for at least one week at least three times a day.

14.When the urine stops: Place the pulp on the pulp made by grinding raw nuts. The problem of urinating is better in some time.

                                 Benefits of eating amla daily for hair

1.Prevents hair from being brown. Amla contains vitamin C and antioxidant which reduces the risk of hair becoming brown.
2.Two mouths prevent hair, by using the Amla hair pack daily and massaging with amla oil, two mouths can be easily removed from the problem of hair.

How to use amla for hair

1.Take two to three amla to use amla as a hair tonic and take out their juice.
2.Mind the eggplant juice directly in your hair and massage your scalp with the help of fingers.
3.For half an hour, keep this juice of Indian gooseberry in the hair and then wash it with cold water.
4.The process works as a hair tonic and nourishes your hair and makes them stronger.

Benefits of drinking amla juice in empty stomach

Every morning your empty stomach and kidney fit will keep your amazed juice

1.Mixing ten ml of gooseberry juice in a glass of water in the empty stomach every morning.
2.By this, all the toxic elements present in the body will be released.
3.Stomach and kidneys will be cleaned.
4.The problem of aurean infection will be removed.
5.Pat will keep diseases away

Amla juice side effects

Amla’s coolness was cold, due to which the side effects like cold cough can be seen. To eliminate this side effect, it should be consumed with black pepper or honey. If you do not consume it with water, you may get constipation.

Normally a healthy person can eat 2-3 medium-sized avocars per day and if you are consuming its juice, then one spoon juice is consumed properly, but this dose depends mainly on the state of health. The best way to eat it is to eat it in an empty stomach early in the morning.

For effective results, do not drink tea, coffee or milk for about 45 minutes after taking an egg. Its nature is sour, therefore consumption of milk products with it can be harmful.
So keep these side effects and precautions in mind before eating amla and heart patients should take this advice only on the doctor’s advice.

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