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Bala movie storyline , review ,writer , collection , rating, budget

Bala movie storyline, review, writer, collection, rating, budget:

In our society, it is very common for girls to be victims of body shaming. Being black or fat, he has to endure humiliation all his life, but here, director Amar Kaushik's 'Bala' talks about the baldness of boys. It is the cleverness of the director to deal with the problem of baldness on the one hand, and on the other hand, do not forget to tell the narrow and inferior attitude of the society towards the black girl.

Bala movie storyline ,

Balmukund alias Bala (Ayushman Khurana) had thick and silky hair as a child and he used to do a lot of stray. But by the time he reached the age of twenty-five years, his dense and feeding Chaman was so devastated that the hair of the head started going fast. Due to increasing baldness, Bala's childhood girlfriend leaves him. It makes fun of him in society.

The interesting thing is that while giving a solution to this problem in society for years, do not forget to say that accept yourself as you are. Why do you have to change

The job gets demotion and is given the job of selling fairness cream from the post of the executive. She could not get married. Bala, who considers hair to be the crown of the head, adopts hundreds of tips to grow hair, they may be ridiculous or disgusting, but Bala is sure that his hair will definitely bloom one day.

Before the director Amar Kaushik's Bala, 'Ujda Chaman' came upon the issue of baldness last week, but here Amar Kaushik has to praise that he has deeply engraved this issue. Moving to the bottom of the issue, he decorated it with comedy flavors rather than immersing it in the syrup of melodrama. Kanpur Accent makes the characters fun in the story made in the backdrop of Kanpur.

The first half is very funny, but in the second half, the speech begins to reflect in the story, but the climax gives a beautiful message. It would have been better if the director Bhoomi Pednekar as a black girl paid little attention to her makeup. One-liners such as 'Hair Loss No Identity Loss Ho Haya Hamara' by writer Niren Bhatt are successful. The song 'Don't be Shay' by Badshah, Shalmali, Gurdeep and Sachin-Jigar have become visible in Sachin-Jigar's music.

Ayushmann Khurrana once again proved that he is capable of doing all kinds of roles with superb and lively acting. Choosing a bald character as an actor could also be risqué for his image, but he not only dared to pick him up but also got caught in that role. Yami Gautam has strongly portrayed the role of Small Town Tick Talk Star and his mentality.

They are beautiful too. Choice of Bhoomi's roles will have to be admired. After the old grandmother of the bull's eye, she has lived up to the character of black girl Latika. Saurabh Shukla, Javed Jaffrey, Seema Pahwa, Deepika Chikhaliya and Abhishek Banerjee have heavily entertained in supporting roles.

Bala movie collection day 1 

Ayushmann Khurrana, Bhumi Pednekar and Yami Gautam's film 'Bala' rocked as soon as its release. 'Bala Box Office Collection' released on 3000 scenes won the hearts of the audience as well as the critics. Ayushmann Khurrana's film along with comedy and drama also gave a tremendous message to the audience. Ever since Dream Girl, there was a lot of craze in the fans of Ayushman Khurana about Bala. According to the box office India website, 'Bala' has earned around 30% on the first day, so the film can earn 8 to 8.5 crores.


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