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What is coronavirus,Symptoms of virus and treatment

What is a coronavirus, Symptoms of virus  and treatment  When and how the disease spreads in the country and the world, it cannot be predicted in advance. But yes, if a disease starts spreading, then the disease can be detected by looking at its symptoms. What disease is that? And how is she spreading so fast among everyone? Such a new disease is born in China and has reached the Asian countries as well as America and Europe and has caught the people there. Yes, we are talking about the coronavirus spreading in China. Let's know what is this virus and how it is being spread?

According to experts, this is a virus that is being spread due to sea creatures present in the sea in China. Being infected, it is a virus that is spreading its wrath from humans to animals. Seeing the symptoms of the person who gets this virus, it seems as if he has pneumonia. Because the person getting infected with this virus starts having symptoms like pneumonia.

Symptoms of virus infection After getting in…