DD Retro Program List Time table, Serial Schedule, Timing

DD Retro Program List Time table, Serial Schedule: 

DD Retro is one of the best entertainment channel. Here We talk about the "DD Retro Program List Time table,dd retro schedule".

DD Retro was launched by Prasar Bharati it is the part of DD National which will show you old classic Hindi serials of Doordarshan during this lockdown.

If you get stuck in this lockdown this channel one of the top entertaining channels nowadays, it brings our childhood by rel telecast the serial of DD national.

As we know that DD national become one the best TRP channel by telecasting of Ramayan. Ramayan becomes the first serial which is viewed by 70+ Million people in one month.

Hope DD retro will create a new record because it giving us our childhood serials like Circus, Chanakya, Byomkesh Bakshi, and many more serials.

DD Retro Program List Time table, Serial Schedule

Here is the "DD Retro Program List Time table"


Serial Name                                                              Timings                 Duration
Sai Baba Tere Hazaro Haath                       12:00 PM                  1 hour
Shrimaan Shrimati 1:00 PM 30 mins
Dekh Bhai Dekh 1:30 PM 30 mins
Chanakya 2:00 PM 1 hour
Mahabharat 3:00 PM 3 hours
Sai Baba Tere Hazaro Haath 6:00 PM 1 hour
Sai Baba Tere Hazaro Haath 7:00 PM 1 hour
Chanakya 8:00 PM 1 hour
Buniyaad 9:00 PM 30 mins
Circus 9:30 PM 30 mins
Byomkesh Bakshi 10:00 PM 1 hour
Buniyaad 11:00 PM 30 mins
Dekh Bhai Dekh 11:30 PM 30 mins
Sai Baba Tere Hazaro Haath 12:00 AM 1 hour
Chanakya 1:00 AM 1 hour
Shrimaan Shrimati 2:00 AM 30 mins
Circus 2:30 AM 30 mins
Baje Payal 3:00 AM 30 mins
Byomkesh Bakshi 3:30 AM 1 hour
Sankat Mochan Hanuman 4:30 AM 30 mins
Chanakya 5:00 AM 1 hour
Sai Baba Tere Hazaro Haath 6:00 AM 1 hour
Sankat Mochan Hanuman 7:00 AM 30 mins
Baje Payal 7:30 AM 30 mins
Baje Payal 8:00 AM 30 mins
Shrimaan Shrimati 8:30 AM 30 mins
Sankat Mochan Hanuman 9:00 AM 30 mins
Dekh Bhai Dekh 9:30 AM 30 mins
Circus 10:00 AM 30 mins
Byomkesh Bakshi 10:30 AM 1 hour
Buniyaad 11:30 AM 30 mins


I hope You like the program list If you have any query feel free to comment below.



DD Retro Schedule Today 2021 (New Schedule)

Sr. No.Serial NameTime
1Gaon Hunter Babu Ka0:00 AM – 0:30 AM
2Shanker Dev0:30 AM – 1:00 AM
3Aashiq Biwi Ka1:00 AM – 1:30 AM
4Gaon Hunter Babu Ka1:30 AM – 2:00 AM
5Kabhi Saas Kabhi Bahu2:00 AM – 2:30 AM
6Command Force2:30 AM – 3:30 AM
7dd retro schedule today3:30 AM – 4:00 AM
8Shanker Dev4:00 AM – 4:30 AM
9Sankat Mochan Hanuman4:30 AM – 5:00 AM
10Command Force5:00 AM – 6:00 AM
11Mangalsutra Ek Maryada6:00 AM – 6:30 AM
12Aashiq Biwi Ka6:30 AM – 7:00 AM
13Sankat Mochan Hanuman7:00 AM – 7:30 AM
14Shanker Dev7:30 AM – 8:00 AM
15Chitrahaar8:00 AM – 8:30 AM
16Kabhi Saas Kabhi Bahu8:30 AM – 9:00 AM
17Mangalsutra Ek Maryada9:00 AM – 9:30 AM
18Sankat Mochan Hanuman9:30 AM – 10:00 AM
19Mangalsutra Ek Maryada10:00 AM – 10:30 AM
20Gaon Hunter Babu Ka10:30 AM – 11:00 AM
21Command Force11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
22Mangalsutra Ek Maryada12:00 PM – 12:30 PM
23Shanker Dev12:30 PM – 1:00 PM
24Kabhi Saas Kabhi Bahu1:00 PM – 1:30 PM
25Chitrahaar1:30 PM – 2:00 PM
26Command Force2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
27Aashiq Biwi Ka3:00 PM – 3:30 PM
28Mangalsutra Ek Maryada3:30 PM – 4:00 PM
29Gaon Hunter Babu Ka4:00 PM – 4:30 PM
30Chitrahaar4:30 PM – 5:00 PM
31Sankat Mochan Hanuman5:00 PM – 5:30 PM
32Command Force5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
33Gaon Hunter Babu Ka6:30 PM – 7:00 PM
34Mangalsutra Ek Maryada7:00 PM – 7:30 PM
35Kabhi Saas Kabhi Bahu7:30 PM – 8:00 PM
36Chitrahaar8:00 PM – 8:30 PM
37Aashiq Biwi Ka8:30 PM – 9:00 PM
38Sankat Mochan Hanuman9:00 PM – 9:30 PM
39Shanker Dev9:30 PM – 10:00 PM
40Command Force10:00 PM – 11:00 PM
41Chitrahaar11:00 PM – 11:30 PM
42Aashiq Biwi Ka11:30 PM – 0:00 AM

DD Retro Schedule Update

We will keep updating the program list day by day

2 thoughts on “DD Retro Program List Time table, Serial Schedule, Timing”

  1. I had same complain regarding old song program at 7:30am on DD National at the start of the covid.
    They stopped the program and started childrens cartoon programme.
    Useless thinking,don’t complain,whatever you are getting is as a favour.
    RTI not replied properly.

    • Nothing wrong in children’s cartoon program. They rarely have any. Don’t be so entitled. You can watch bollywood songs in many doodarsfa channels everyday


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