Fake people status || fake person quotes

Fake people status || fake person quotes

Here are Quotes about fake friends and moving on.There is a lot of fake people  check out the awesome list of status for fake people and fake person.World is full of fake people.

========Fake people Quotes====

“Fake people are like soap bubbles, they pop out when the sun shines brightly.”
     ——-Chiranjude Bird

“Fake people talk about other people being fake. Real people worry about their business, and no one else’s.

     ——-Ziad K. Abdelnour

“Fake people are like fools gold, it can be found everywhere yet it’s worth nothing. Real people are like gold, they’re very rare and worth a fortune”


“Fake people hate honesty.”

“Fake is becoming the new trend.”

“Cut of fake pepole for real reasons,not real people for fake reasons.”

“Fake love is worse than real hate”…

A fake lover stops loving and caring from the day he knows he’ll never get her…

I hate when people say they hate someone.

I am not perfect but atleast I’m not fake.

Keep calm and forget about fake people.

Fake people have an image to maintain real people.

No room or vacancies for fake people in my life.

Life is full of fake people! Trust no one.

A fake person is someone who wants to see you do well, but not better than them.

 An honest enemy is better to have than a best friend who would lie to you.

 Fake friends are like leaves when it is autumn. You just find them scattered everywhere you go.

 Remember to be careful. Not everyone who smiles at you is your best friend.

You really know who your friends are after terrible things happen to you.

A fake friend is someone who will drill holes in your boat to make it leak.

I hate when people act all fake when they get around certain people.

Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t care.

Real people are never fake, and fake people are never real.

Fake people have an image to maintain; Real people just don’t care.

The fakest people are the ones that brag about being real.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to have fake people in this world. It helps you find out who your real friends are

Cut off the fake people for real reasons and not the real people for fake reasons.

Fake is the latest trend and everyone seems to be in style.

Fake people don’t surprise me anymore, real people do.

A Fake Friend is an enemy in disguise.

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