The rational life Chinese Drama cast, Drama, Release Date, Trailer

The Rational Life Chinese Drama Cast, Release Date, Trailer: The Rational Life is a Chinese television series that stream on Netflix, this series is directed by Hsu Fu Chun.

Shen Ruo Xin, a thirty-year-old professional who decides to take a stand against unreasonable societal expectations, finds herself attracted to two different men at her workplace – one her trustworthy, little assistant, the other her bachelor. Boss. Knowing that she is considered the ‘leftover woman’ weighs heavily on her.

Will she choose to marry a man whom society deems appropriate, or will she listen to her heart and muster up the courage to romance a young man?

In season 1 many cast played a major role, from the theme are following Qin Lan, Dylan Wang, and Li Zonghan. Also, we have Bao Wenjing, Pan Hong, and Chen Pengwanli, We will also be seeing He Bin, Kang Kang, Lin Xinyi, and Wei Yibo.

The rational life drama cast

S. No.Real NameRole Name
1.Qin LanShen Ruo Xin
2.Dylan WangQI Xiao
3.Calvin LiXu Ming Jie
4.Pan HongMother Shen
5.Bao Wen JinSong Zi Yan
6.Lan QinShen Ruo Xin
7.Yong-Teng ZhuBoss Luo
8.Wang Yinan
9.Yanyan Zhang
10.Qian Yongchen
11.Bao Bei’er
12.Walley Wei
13.Liu Jie
The rational life cast

The Rational Life Season 1 Release Date

  • Available On: Netflix
  • Release Date:18 June 2021 

The rational life drama cast official trailer season 1

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