What is coronavirus,Symptoms of virus and treatment

What is a coronavirus, Symptoms of virus  and treatment 

When and how the disease spreads in the country and the world, it cannot be predicted in advance. But yes, if a disease starts spreading, then the disease can be detected by looking at its symptoms. What disease is that? And how is she spreading so fast among everyone? Such a new disease is born in China and has reached the Asian countries as well as America and Europe and has caught the people there. Yes, we are talking about the coronavirus spreading in China. Let’s know what is this virus and how it is being spread?

According to experts, this is a virus that is being spread due to sea creatures present in the sea in China. Being infected, it is a virus that is spreading its wrath from humans to animals. Seeing the symptoms of the person who gets this virus, it seems as if he has pneumonia. Because the person getting infected with this virus starts having symptoms like pneumonia.

Symptoms of virus infection

After getting infected with this virus, the patient’s respiratory tract starts getting disturbed, usually, it looks like a minor cold and cough, but if someone becomes infected with this virus, then there are many more harmful symptoms. Huh. Including runny nose, severe headache, cough and phlegm, sore throat, feeling very tired, and vomiting or feeling like vomiting, respiratory tract discomfort due to breathing Includes discomfort, visible symptoms of pneumonia, and bronchitis. If these symptoms are found in a human being, then they are being admitted to the hospital by being infected with Coronavirus.

Where did the coronavirus start spreading?

experts have discovered after research that the virus has spread due to marine organisms, which originated from the city of Wuhan in South China because the city is near the sea and the virus first attacked this city. Starting from a city in China, this virus has gradually spread its outbreak in the whole of China. This virus is reaching humans from the animals that fall prey to this virus and is getting infected from one human to another’s body.

Corona virus treatment and prevention measures

  • According to the confirmation of experts, after the infection of this virus, no antibiotic works on the patient. The antibiotic that is given to the patients during flu is also not seen showing its effect in this infection. In such a way, if the patient is taken care of in the following ways, then he can be made healthy as before.
  • The person suffering from this disease should be monitored properly. Because it can be treated right after seeing its symptoms, it is very important to monitor it regularly.
  • f a disease starts happening in the patient’s respiratory system, try to keep a limited distance from that person because that infection can also enter you through your breath.
  • As you have already known through the news that in which countries and states of the world this virus has spread, if you do not want to be infected with it, then avoid going to those states and countries.
  • Before doing any work and after doing it, wash hands thoroughly and use an antibiotic. Also, take full care of your surroundings and your cleanliness.
  • If you have any problems like cold, cold, cough or sneeze, then keep in mind that you should cover your mouth and nose thoroughly and cough, and sneeze.
  • If you are doing some work or are out of the house, then keep in mind that do not try to touch your nose, ears, and mouth repeatedly with your hands.
  • If you go to a public place or travel in public transport, then try to keep in mind that you have not slept in any place or place and be cautious of joining hands with anyone.
  • After examining this disease by the big experts, they are advising all the people suffering from the disease that the main cure is to consume the most fluids.

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